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Garric's Diary: Nov 5

(Apologies on the spelling and the formatting)

Session starts at night – Nickolai, Nickoletta, and Garric have “gone for a walk” that just happened to include the crypt. Dragos, suspecting something was up, followed them. The others are off, doing whatever it is that lawful good gentlemen do in their time together.

1st night: went into the crypt the prof left notes about….

opened coffin, found loot
many arrows (silvertipped and magical)
+1 ghost-touch (8?)
+1 undead bane (2?)
holy water
vials with a golden liquid (clw)
vials with greenish colored liquid (unknown)
detect undead, hide undead, protection from evil
darkwood case
board with letters/numbers and planchette (ie, oija board)
4 iron and glass vials in with board (iron capped bottles)
tiny clouds of churning vapor
6 more empty spots for other vials


The next morning….
met with “Meerta Straylock”? from the town council
varshin heartmount (human) – leader? (1st among equals….)
shanda faravan (human)
gharen (also a human) – town’s “unofficial historian”
meet in an auditoreum type area, but very informal
horrendous diplo rolls, but meerta advocated for us
1 of us here can get access for 1 week (patrick)

Garric talks to sheriff
there was a guard last night
mentions unsettled feeling after domestic dispute
boris and natasha
neighbors heard loud nasty argument, boris kicked out
Sarae-anya Vai singing tonight at the Outward Inn
most of town should be there

Nickolai wandering around town
sees notice that Sarae-anya Vai performing tonight
sees a small scuffle after an argument

Dragos has 1 week access to town archive
researching Harrowstone and what happened
1st days research – harrowstone is a ruined prison, partially destroyed by a fire in 4661 (exactly 100 yrs ago), and stood vacant since that date. Also find interviews w/various townsfolk since that time claiming the prison is haunted as well as missing persons reports where majority (not all) are in vicinity of the prison

Nicoletta went to Unfurling Scroll (school/magic shop)
hears the sound of a raised adult voice (ie yelling). Kids come out for recess 30ish min later sedately (like scolded), and prof looks a little unhappy and angry

Went to Outward Inn for music and dinner
tavern owned by Sarae-anya
went down to basement for show
food at Laughing Demon better
but owner (Zocar?) is here for the music
move of an inn than a tavern (lodging, less on foood)
her song is on Wiki page – The Wind That Shakes The Barley
3 stirges show up – lock onto client (Kendra), Sarae-anya, and random townsperson

Garric joins deputy to guard statue that night – nothing happens (end of 2nd day in session)

Dragos researches some more. Harrowstone built in 4594, village of Ravengrow founded at same time (for guards to live). Fire destroyed a large portion of the underground E wing, but left structure above relatively intact. Prison’s warden and wife died in the fire, but no one knows why she was in prison – her body found in the basement. Statue for guards, etc built a few months later. Originally, prison was only local prisoners, but with time, fame grew, and security rep grew – so at the time of the fire, the number of dangerous prisoners was at all time high. Many were sent from distant lands, etc.

Nickolai, Nickoletta, and Garric wander the down (Garric after we wakes up). Post has a wedding annoucement in center of town – nothing else really on the post. Nick^2 run into Sheriff Benjin – he heard about last night’s incident w/stirges… not uncommon sight, unusual to have them in buildings though. There was a near bar-brawl in Laughing Demon. Feels townspeople are more on edge than usual – stuff with monument, stirges, etc. People are edgy.

It is now ~mid-late afternoon on the 3rd day of this session (day ?6? in the campaign)


Nice summary, thanks Topher.
Corrections on spelling: Owner of the Outward Inn is Sarianna Via. Coucilwoman’s name is Myrta Straelock.
I’m going to update the Wiki with people and some history that Patrick uncovered in his research.

Garric's Diary: Nov 5

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