Carrion Crown

Garric's Diary: Dec 3

We arrest a Graffitioso and go to Jail

dec 3 session – all players present

Day ?7?

When we wake up in the morning, all of us are together again at breakfast At breakfast, Kendra introduces us to a new wizard in town, Safira. As we were eating, there was a knock at the door, somewhat tenative. The Sheriff had shown up to tell us there was another desecration last night at the Guards’ Memorial – the letter ‘S’ in blood was left.

I cannot help but think that they are spelling the prison warden’s wife?

After breakfast, we begin to go our separate ways.

Dragos will research for the day. He covers himself in dust, and risks dangerous scroll cuts to his hands. While researching, he hears sounds from below. He is mostly certain that they are humanoid voices raised possibly in anger…. but as unfriendly as the village has been, he chooses (wisely in my opinion!) to ignore them and not investigate.

During his research, he has learned that most of those fiends sent to Harrowstone spent only a few months there. Jack Ketch resided here, and did his dirty government work here (executions happen here). The fire happened during a prison riot, so in some ways its a blessing! The prisoners had even managed to sieze control of the dungeon just before the fire. The warden and 23 of his guards deliberately gave their lives to prevent the prisoners from breaking out.

The 5 most notorious prisoners in Harrowstone had certain nom de crimes: Father Charlatan, The Lopper, The Moss Water Maruader, The Piper of Illmarsh, and Splatterman. We think we have heard a child’s song about some of these – maybe Father Charlatan and The Lopper, and possibly the Splatterman all get mentioned in that creepy little ditty.

And, we are reminded that is this is the actual CENTENIAL of the fire.

Dragos will now join Czynforde in doing the 3rd patrol

I, Garric the Vampire Hunter, will clean up statue, and then nap so that I can guard the statue from furhter harm that night. In becoming a vampire hunter, I have learned that it is sometimes necessary to take their ways, and become nocturnal, but I remember no other Vampire ever behaving this way. It is quite odd.

Nicki (f), Nicki (m), Czynforde, Yorick, and Safira go to Father Grimburrow at the Temple of Pharasma. When they arrive, they found a blood-painted ‘O’ on the Temple itself! The fiends have descecrated a holy place of Pharasma! Father Grimsburrow was stressed to begin, and gets very alarmed by reports of zombies in the Restlands (the Church of Pharasma considers undead to be abomination, an incredible offense in their eyes). The group is fairly certain that his is truly alarmed and horrorified – this is NOT duplicity on his part.

The Party helps the cleric gird himself, and then all proceed to the Restlands. Here, they witness an odd rite. The priest tastes the ground, says a prayer, and then admits there were undead here. He is horrified, as he lacks sufficient acolytes, and the village lacks sufficient guards to patrol the area. The group volunteers to keep an eye on the Restlands, an area of slightly over 2 acres. Why does suck a small village (just over 300 people) need such a large boneyard anyhow?

Grimsburrow heads off to inform the Town Council, in the form of a visit to Vashian Hearthmount, their nominal leader. Grimsburrow heads back to the Temple to clean off the bloody ‘O’. The group chooses to buy a whistle to provide to a method of alarm for two body patrols. The rest of the group will lounge comfortably at the northern covered bridge. Patrols will be done in 4 hour shifts.

While wandering around town… the group overhears a fool in town. The man claims there is a link between the dish names at the Laughing Demon (ie, corpse chowder) and events happening (ie, an unpopular merchant leaving town). Czynforde believes this to be the gospel truth, but I remain unconvinced myself. Perhaps if I had heard this honest fellow, I would have been convinced myself, but Cyznforde had previously muttered under his breath about fiendish t-rexes, whatever those are. I personally think the dear knight had a little too much under the noonday sun with his helmet on.

Safira and Nicki (m) will take the first shift, Yorick and Nicki (f) will take the 2nd, and Czynforde will head back to the manor to inform the rest of us. He hopes Dragos will join him.

Nicki (m) hears a rumor about the Apothocary shop owner – that she does more than brew potions, she makes drugs AND poisons. She is part of a network, and sells them in other towns. The rumor monger knows this is true because the Sheriff always hangs out around there, and why else would be do that?!? (People can be…. dim…… The Sheriff is unmarried as I remember)

Nicki(m) and Nicki (f) take the midnight to 4 am shift. I am the only other member of the party awake. The rest are asleep at the manor

At the Lorimer residence, The Professor… is still dead… and in the living room, trying to go all Cronus on Kendra. Kind of gauche if you ask me! The professor is distracted by Yorick, and tries to lick his face with a hideous purple tongue. This is like no zombie I’ve ever heard of! An additional two zombies made their presence known by smashing the windows of the living room. Czynforde manages to drag Kendra away from the animated remains of her uncle, while Yorick keeps drawing the attention of the fiend. Safira slams the fiend with a magic missle, and then screams so loud that the evil creature’s lower jaw is knocked loose! Once Kendra is dragged free, Yorick is able to stop distracting the rotting corpse, and skewers it on his sword, (re)killing the fiend! The group is then able to turn their attention to the new zombies (bad zombie! get off the furniture!), and makes short work of them. Dragos displays an ability to particularly damage them with magic as well, and Czynforde calls upon his Gods and SMITES on foul beast back to earth’s embrace.

Kendra is not poisoned according to Safira. Czynforde, Safira, and Yorick all agree she is alive and conscience. She may be paralyzed though. Just as they accept this, she exhales deeply, coughs, and starts to move.

Yorick goes to fetch Father Grimsburrow. He is the epitome of the elder warrior, girded for battle, and prepared to place his life on the line in defense of the good and innocent. He sends Kendra upstairs, and douses the former Professor (now a Ghoul) in Holy Water… which dissolves slowly under the Bath of Righteousness. He similarly douses the other two zombies. Grimsburrow recognizes one of the other zombies as wolf bait from a month or two ago.

In the meanwhile, the two Nicki’s are patrolling in the Restlands…and then they are not. They are standing in front of a wall, and in the wall is a barred window. Behind them is a pile of moldy straw, and a stout iron-bound door. There is a bowl with prison mush (with maggots for extra protein!) on the floor. Oddly….neither sees the other. Suddenly, they see their names being painted on the cell…stopping just before their last respective letter. They then find themselves back in The Restlands. Nicki (f) is in Mage Armor, so they were …Somewhere….

I see a hooded figure (slightly tall, slightly heavy for a human) approach the statue with a slopping bucket. They are moving very cautiously, trying not to be observed. I observe them paint the statue, and start to follow them back… towards the village? It arrives at location Q, the home of Gibbs Hefenous. I smell rotting meat coming from the barn next to his home. I go to the jail searching for the sheriff, and find a deputy. He leaves me in the jail while he fetches the sheriff. I suggest we go quietly to where I saw the creature. We enter the barn, and immediately smell rotting meat. We hear flies, and see a pile of slaughtered pigs. The deputy is sent for the group, and the sheriff and I enter the house. We enter a disheveled kitchen, and see a war razor and a bucket that had contained blood. Gibbs appears to be telling the truth, as he knew it, when he said he doesn’t know about it. He is taken into custody. While some of the villagers want him to burn or hang, we will protect him until we can investigate further. It is possible he was being used by some Foul Creature.

end of day (24 hr period)
end of session
end of level!!!!!!!!!! (level 2, all around!!! wooo!!!!)


Great summary! Thanks Topher. A few minor corrections…the Professor is Kendra’s father, not her uncle. Gibs Hephanus is the correct spelling. Who is Jack Ketch?

Garric's Diary: Dec 3

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