Carrion Crown

Garric's Diary: Feb 4

Fire, and cutting it close....

Day 10: Morning
Dragos learns a little more about The Whispering Way – its chief goals are to release the Whisphering Tyrant and to learn to make Lichs. Their symbol is a gagged skull. Those whose learn too much are murdered and their skulls are mutilated to prevent speak with dead from working. Dragos believes this must be the last useful bit of lore stored away in that dusty attic, and there is no need to return.

I am interested in a blacksmith to craft new weapons for me, and I can think of no finer blacksmiths than dwarves. As it turns out, I am in luck in our creepy little village. Jorfa may have been one of the original inhabitants of the area – she is the village blacksmith. She’s lived here since shortly after the prison was built, about 150 years. She remembers the fire as the darkest night of the village’s history until recent times. She takes my 10 gp as a commision for two wingblades.

Day 10 & 11:
Spent resting in town, and assuring the safety of our patron’s daughter

Day 11 Evening:
We go to the townhall meeting. The room is packed – close to 50 people seated in the small room to begin with, and a good-sized (50+) crowd is stuck outside as well. So, maybe 1/3 of the village has shown up. The 4 council members are seated up-front, and there are saved seats for us in the room. There is loud arguments going on before the meeting – stopping just shy of pushing and shoving. Once the council starts to address the crowd, they quiet, and we go up on stage with the council. They council proposes that we investigate the prison. Too many strange occurences seem to be traceable back to “personalities” at the prison at the time of the fire. People start shouting about sending us vs who’s going to pay us vs ….. There is a rapid drop in the IQ of the villagers at this announcement. Just as things seem to be at their peak, there is a flash of light, and suddenly… all five of the lanterns in the room explode. I ask the people to calmly exist the building… but the don’t want to listen to me. Thankfully Nicki(m) is more forceful and Czynforde is more eloquent, and order is slightly restored… they behave more like adults and leave more efficiently as a result.

Things are looking better…. the people are listening… when flaming skulls break through the windows. We are forced to deal with them instead of fighting the fire. Czynforde smites one mightily, while Dragos does some odd martial / arcane combination and devastates a skull with a mighty blow capable of killing it many many times over. I, on the other hand, managed to get myself set on fire. However, I was able to help save Kendra but putting out the fire on he, while Czynforde helped heal her. Nicki(m) went to help save her, but got himself set on fire instead; I dragged her out, limping myself. We look around at the fire, and realize we cannot fight the fire: 875 sq ft of the building is burning at this point. Czynforde refuses to stop fighting the fire, and so I go back in to talk him into fleeing. Before I can persuade him, I am overcome by the smoke, and fall over. Cyznforde is forced to stop fighting the fire to save me, and drag me from the building. He is able to heal me enough to stabilize. Czynforde and Yorick pray over me, and with a good night’s rest and Iomedae’s blessing I am fine the next morning.

Day 12 Afternoon:

After yesterday’s events, we have been commisioned by the town council to investigate the prison and stop these events. The town will pay us 500 gp each if we do so (on top of the 100 pp from the Lorimer estate if we keep the daughter alive until day 30). I may be able to afford those weapons soon after all! We venture out to the prison, and choose to explore the western balcony first. When Nicko and I venture onto the terrace, the executioner’s scythe materializes. We find it exceedingly difficult to fight it off…until Nicko thinks to grapple it! As soon as he grappled it, the others were able to start damaging the malicious weapon. I bravely leaped into the grapple myself, risking my limbs in the process. Nicko was able to pin the scythe to a bench; once that was done, we were able to tie it up with rope, and prevent it’s escape. After that, it was only a matter of time until we destroyed the foul spirit animating the weapon, leaving only a sad broken scythe tied to an old stone bench. Soon, we will need to venture into the prison and see what foul horrors lurk in wait for us.



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